Urawa Misono/Higashi-Urawa area

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Farm Restaurants

Even as it is becoming more urbanized, Saitama City still produces many agricultural products. In the City, there is a "farmer restaurant" that uses fresh vegetables hand-grown by farmers to create and serve unique dishes. The love that comes from growing the vegetables on one's own hands, and the ingenuity that comes from knowing the vegetables well. Please try a dish that brings out the characteristics of vegetables and fully conveying their charms, which are prepared with the attention to detail and ingenuity of the farmers.

Hikawa Nyotai-jinja Shrine

An old shrine that sits on a plateau on the western edge of Minumadai Irrigation Canal, where cherry blossoms in spring. The precincts with abundant greenery are designated by the Prefecture as ""Furusato-no-Mori No. 1"", and are also designated as a natural monument of the City. The Mifune Festival, which was held at Minuma, the place for purification of the pilgrims, is now being held at a historic site designated by the City as the Gion Iwafune Ryujin Festival. As Musashi Ichi-no-Miya, the place got deep reverence from the samurai, and they have a large number of Prefecture-designated cultural properties such as the national treasure-class swords dedicated from Yasutoki Hōjō in the early Kamakura period and the letter of land donation to the shrine by Ieyasu Tokugawa himself. From this, this is known as the Shosoin (Treasure House) of Musashino.

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EVENTIntroduction of initiatives during the Olympic Games

Decoration of “Captain Tsubasa”

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13 June to 7 July, 2021

Soccer is a popular sport around the globe. ""Captain Tsubasa"" is the most read soccer manga in the world. The Tokyo 2020 Games soccer tournament will be held at Saitama Stadium 2002 in the soccer town Saitama, and in collaboration with ""Captain Tsubasa"", its character designs will be decorated. Loved by all generations, ""Captain Tsubasa"" characters will be enjoyed by all and create a festive mood.

Outgoing space of the charm of Saitama City(Saitama Stadium Pedestrian Road)

The space for communicating the attractions of Saitama City, which was scheduled to be held on the "pedestrian road" from Urawa Misono Station to Saitama Stadium 2002, the soccer tournament venue, has been cancelled. It will be held online, so please visit the official website below for more information on the attractions of Saitama City!

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