EVENTIntroduction of initiatives during the Olympic Games

Map of Urawa Station West&Exit Shopping Mall/Restaurants

Published by the Association of shops around Urawa Station, this illustrated map is very helpful to see the shopping malls, restaurants, as well as the highlights of the area including historic sites and famous places at a glance. The latest version of the map can be downloaded from the official website of the Urawa Shopping Malls Association. The latest version works in conjunction with the "Google Maps Route Guidance" function, and when you click or tap the shop you want to go to on the map, the route from your current location is displayed. Please make use of it for walking around the city to discover the charms of Urawa.

Saitama Municipal Cartoon Art Museum「Special Manga Exhibition” Fantasista “Michiteru Kusaba Original Painting Exhibition” 」

Opened in 1966, we are Japan's first manga-themed museum. Originally, it is the site of the mansion where Rakuten Kitazawa, Japan's first professional manga artist, knows as the "Pioneer of modern Japanese manga," spent his later years. Other than mainly highlighting Rakuten's works and achievements, including Japan's first full-color manga magazine "Tokyo Pack", which he launched as the chief editor, the museum also exhibits the works of contemporary manga artists. From 24 July (Sat) to 5 September (Sun), the special manga exhibition "'Fantasista' Michiteru Kusaba Original Painting Exhibition" will be held!

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Saitama City Cartoon Art Museum


SAITAMA MEISTER 2020 is the nickname given to Saitama City volunteers who were scheduled to work during the Tokyo 2020 Games. Due to the spread of COVID infections, the local activities during the Games have been canceled. However, messages from various groups in the Saitama City Volunteer Liaison Council, which was planned to be active as SAITAMA MEISTER 2020, as well as the things/spots that they planned to introduce during the Tokyo 2020 Games have been listed on the website.

Space decoration

<Open period>
29 June~ 12 September, 2021

Saitama Shintoshin Station, which will be the ""face"" of Saitama City at the time of the Tokyo 2020 Games. At the end of the ticket gate, the arched roof will be decorated with a large ukiyo-e design of playing basketball by the players from the countries participating in the basketball tournament. In the center of the East-West Free Passage, the designs of attractive spots in Saitama City will be lined up. You can also use your smartphone to take pictures of the unique photo frames.

Omiya Shopping Street Guide Map

Saitama City was born in 2001 by the merger of Omiya City, Urawa City, and Yono City, and after the incorporation of Iwatsuki City in 2005, has a population of over 1.3 million as of May 2021. On the website "Omiya Shopping Mall Guide Map" established by the Omiya Shopping Malls Association, to which 60 shopping malls in the Omiya area belong, you can check the highlights of Omiya and search for stores in the shopping malls. Also, check out the status of the popular Instagram event held by the Association from September to November last year, which is also scheduled to be held this year and we will continue to update the status.

Mint Museum Saitama「Exhibition for Commemorative Coins for Olympic and Paralympic Games」

It is a museum attached to the Saitama branch of the Mint Bureau. One can learn about the history of money through exhibits such as Japanese coins and commemorative coins since the Meiji era, precious old coins such as "Ōban" and "Koban", and shields of the National Honor Award. On weekdays from the tour passage, you can freely observe not only money but also the manufacturing process of precious medals. Of the three mint offices in Japan, only at the Saitama Branch one can observe the production of medals. There is also a commemorative photo spot where you can take pictures with money.

Outgoing space of the charm of Saitama City(Around Saitama Super Arena)

The space for communicating the attractions of Saitama City, which was scheduled to be held around Saitama Super Arena, the basketball tournament venue, has been cancelled. It will be held online, so please visit the official website below for more information on the attractions of Saitama City!

Urawa Art Museum “27th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava in Japan”

Because many cultural figures and artists moved to the Urawa area after the Great Kanto Earthquake, it was once said that ""Writers live in Kamakura and painters live in Urawa"". This is a museum where works of such local artists and artworks related to books form the pillars of the collection. It only holds special exhibitions, and from 10 July (Sat) to 29 August (Sun), it will hold the ""Bratislava World Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition-Hello (Ahoj)! New Picture Books from Czech Republic and Slovakia""! This is a commemorative exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of exchange between Czechoslovakia and Japan in 2020.

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Urawa Art Museum

Urawa Beer Stadium

Coming Soon...

Decoration of “Captain Tsubasa”

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13 June to 7 July, 2021

Soccer is a popular sport around the globe. ""Captain Tsubasa"" is the most read soccer manga in the world. The Tokyo 2020 Games soccer tournament will be held at Saitama Stadium 2002 in the soccer town Saitama, and in collaboration with ""Captain Tsubasa"", its character designs will be decorated. Loved by all generations, ""Captain Tsubasa"" characters will be enjoyed by all and create a festive mood.

Outgoing space of the charm of Saitama City(Saitama Stadium Pedestrian Road)

The space for communicating the attractions of Saitama City, which was scheduled to be held on the "pedestrian road" from Urawa Misono Station to Saitama Stadium 2002, the soccer tournament venue, has been cancelled. It will be held online, so please visit the official website below for more information on the attractions of Saitama City!

Gosho Ningyo―The charm of Gleaming skin(Thematic Exhibition)

<Open period>
17 July ~ 29 August, 2021

This is a special exhibition held as a 20th-anniversary of the birth of the Saitama City event at the Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum, Japan's first public museum on the theme of Ningyo. The fluffy, chubby, and shiny skin of the Gosho Ningyo represent the image of the ideal child figure that people at that time had. In this exhibition, we will introduce various types of Gosho Ningyo, such as 'Hadakasaga', which looks a lot like Gosho Ningyo, infant Ningyo with lovely bibs and elaborate taste, and Gosho Ningyo with mechanical movement and three-fold mechanism. Please enjoy the collection of masterpieces.

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Gosho Ningyo 'Hadakawarawa', Edo Period/Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum